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Our Story


hI, I'M jEN...

... and like a lot of people it seems, I came to Cardiff Uni and never left the party!


I used to be found raving at festivals, balanced with cosy socks and herbal tea. But these days I mostly run around after my 2 children! I’m obsessed with yoga and anything good for the soul.


Setting up Vibes is realising a dream, motivated by the pain of losing loved ones.


This business means everything to me, and my goal is to create a wonderful community and to give our customers a reason to smile. 

Jen's story

After losing her father and her mother being diagnosed with early-onset dementia, Jen was faced with the realisation that we must spend our time doing what matters, doing what we love, and making the most of the time we have.

Witnessing the therapeutic benefits of yoga for her mother, Jen also found it a light in darker times.

An idea formed to create a place for people to connect with and care for themselves, to unwind, feel good, and enjoy the moment.


The business was founded to provide a friendly, laid-back ‘sanctuary in the city’, for people to discover the joys of yoga, enjoy healthy feel-good produce, and to find tranquillity amidst our busy, modern world.


Vibes promises to ensure you feel relaxed, recharged, and revived.

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