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The perfect place to relax, unwind, and escape the daily grind. 


Our fresh, healthy produce is all about savouring the moment and feeling great! 

So much more than coffee!

Ever wondered how a cup of coffee can improve your wellbeing?

We specialise in high quality, health-based drinks.

Transport your regular cuppa into a super-healthy sip by adding medicinal mushroom powder (no taste, but all the benefits!).


Our artisan barista coffee is @gowercoffee – it gets rave reviews and we’re currently the only place serving it in Cardiff!

Drum roll…. we brew our own super-healthy caffeine alternative!

Unreal health benefits come from chicory, barley, rye, cacao, and reishi, to give you a coffee your brain and body will love you for.

Explore our exciting range of health-kick lattes, from energising matcha to earthy beetroot; supercharge your smoothie with boosters like collagen and protein; and enjoy plant-based milks at no extra cost!


Come on down!

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Yummy food!

We serve the very best locally made cakes and savoury bakes, alongside our in-house menu of toasties, salads and more.


Plus there's all-day breakfast options and grab-and-go health snacks! 

We have been on our own vegan journey for years, and so offer lots of both vegan and veggie options!


Our goal is to show that you lose nothing when you remove animal products, but we know that many people are on the journey, or are simply aiming to be more plant-based. So, we offer cow’s milk and cheddar alongside lots of plant-based options.

See you there!

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