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5 Yoga Poses to Transcend the Physical

Ever stopped to think what the pose really means?...

Sometimes we strike a physical pose and can just be thinking about strengthening and stretching, but the beauty of yoga is that it is SO much more than the physical, and each pose tells an amazing story….

Come with us, to explore five poses that can help you transcend the physical and delve into the rich symbolism, heritage, and spiritual dimensions of yoga

1) Mountain Pose: Embrace Your Inner Strength

As you stand tall in Mountain Pose, imagine yourself as a sturdy and unshakeable mountain.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, grounding you. This pose invites you to connect with your inner strength and stability. Let it remind you that, just like a mountain, you have unwavering resilience.

2) Warrior 2 Pose: Embody Courage

Warrior 2 is more than just a powerful pose; it symbolizes the strength and courage needed to face the world head-on.

As you sink into the posture, visualize yourself as a warrior ready for any battle that life throws your way. Extend your arms out wide, gaze down the barrel of your middle finger and feel the power surging through you. Remind yourself it is always there.

3) Tree Pose: Find Balance

In Tree Pose, root one foot into the earth while the other rests gently on your inner thigh.

This pose represents balance and harmony. Imagine yourself as a tree, swaying gracefully in the wind while all the while remaining firmly rooted. Connect with this idea that you, too, can find balance in the chaos of life.

4) Child's Pose: The Art of Letting Go

Child's Pose is a posture of surrender.

As you fold your body forward and rest your forehead on the mat, let go of tension, worries, and stress. Visualize this pose as a moment of retreat, a return to the nurturing embrace of your inner self. It's a reminder that you don’t have to carry such a heavy load.

5) Happy Baby Pose: Embrace your Carefree Side

Happy Baby Pose is a delightful posture that encourages you to reconnect with childlike joy and playfulness.

As you lie on your back, bend your knees to grab hold of your feet and allow yourself to smile. This pose reminds us that yoga (and life) isn't all seriousness; it's also about finding joy, living a little lighter, and letting things flow free.

There are so many yoga poses that are gateways to deeper experiences…

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery, and each pose can be a path to understanding the layers of your being.

So, the next time you step onto your mat, remember that you're not just practicing yoga; you're embarking on a spiritual and transformative journey - one pose at a time. Connect to a deeper sense of what the posture symbolises and you’ll feel yourself lighting up inside 😊

Namaste peeps – see you on the mat!

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