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Awakening with Spring: A Holistic Guide to Wellbeing and Renewal

Welcome to the vibrant energy of spring! The recent spring equinox marked the annual point when the day and night are of equal length, signalling that Spring is here.


Acknowledging Spring's arrival offers therapeutic benefits. Our connection to the natural world is vital for wellbeing, and recognising the change of seasons is a beautiful and essential way to maintain this bond.


Spring provides the chance for a nourishing journey of renewal and holistic wellbeing.


Let's explore how spring's essence can rejuvenate us and discover practical tips to enhance everyday life!

Flowers in sunlight and a yoga studio

5 ways to superboost your spring:

1) Spring into Action: Setting Intentions for Growth


Spring is the perfect time for setting fresh intentions.

As nature bursts into life, consider the areas of your own life you wish to see flourish.

Tip: light a scented candle or apply some aromatherapy oil to your pressure points, sit for a moment in meditation, simply taking some deep and calming breaths. When you feel grounded and settled, take a short time to journal your thoughts - what you are grateful for? What positive changes do you aim to cultivate in the near future?

2) Yoga: A Way to Rejuvenate


Embrace the energy of renewal with a yoga practice that mirrors the rebirth of spring.

As nature emerges from its winter slumber, so too can our bodies find new vitality and strength on the mat. This is the season to let go of the old and create space for new growth, both physically and spiritually. Welcome detoxifying twists, energising backbends, and refreshing breathwork. By aligning our movements with the rhythms of nature, yoga offers a profound way to connect with the renewal around us..

3) Nourishing from Within: Spring Nutrition


The abundance of spring provides a wealth of options to nourish your body and soul. Focus on incorporating fresh, seasonal produce into your meals. Foods like leafy greens, fresh herbs, and bright fruits not only enhance your diet but also mirror the renewal happening in the natural world.


Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (a traditional Indian system of medicine that focuses on balancing body, mind, and spirit), we're reminded that eating in sync with the season not only optimises our physical health but also harmonises our inner energies—connecting us further to the cycle of life and the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

4) Wellbeing Beyond the Mat


Spring's energy encourages us to extend our wellbeing practices beyond yoga. Consider taking a mindful walk in nature, putting your phone away and choosing to notice the sunlight, the sounds, the smells, the wildlife you see. Nature is the ultimate backdrop for reconnecting with ourselves, helping to elevate our mood and boost cognitive function. These practices can significantly impact your mental health, mindset, and overall sense of wellbeing – reviving you from top to toe!

5) Community and Connection


The sense of renewal that spring brings is amplified when shared. Participating in group yoga classes or wellness workshops can deepen your connection to others and enhance your journey, as you become more immersed in the activities of movement and mindfulness.

The spring equinox invites us to embrace the energy of renewal.


By integrating mindful practices, yoga, nutrition, and community spirit, we can absorb the vibrancy of the season. Let’s use this time of natural awakening to stay grounded yet open to the new beginnings that springtime offers.

Namaste peeps – see you on the mat for some springtime stretches!

A sneaky treat for you: use the code SPRING for 10% off any class (not valid on workshops or events).


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