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Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainability is one of our core values.


We are kind to the planet and make responsible decisions, always striving for better.


We would absolutely love to hear from you if you are keen to support this in any way. 


Circular Economy 


We’re trying to move away from a linear ‘make > use > throw-away’ process, to a more circular, less impactful approach, by reducing the materials we both consume and dispose of (including energy and water). 


Many of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, and our suppliers echo our values. 


We approach being plant-based in the way that we feel will help more people to make plant-based choices and to realise that you lose nothing when you remove animal products - ‘secretly vegan’ as we say!


We aim to one day be a ‘zero-waste establishment’, meaning all our waste is either reused or put back into our operations as something valuable:

  • We can reuse our juice pulp for making delicious sandwich fillings and cakes 

  • Smoothies are served in reused jars with reusable metal straws 

  • We don’t serve any single use plastic 

  • We offer discount on your drink when you bring your own reusable cup 

  • We use the To Good To Go scheme to pass any surplus food onto our customers, and save it from landfill 


Transparency & Pragmatism

  • We monitor and regularly report on our environmental performance 

  • We engage with our customers on the topic, ensuring all our products and services make it as easy as possible to adopt new lifestyle choices 


Continual Improvement  

  • We’re not perfect, but we are always striving to do better, balancing sustainability with running a profitable business 

  • We love to hear from anyone keen to support with sustainability 

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