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Our Yoga

“if you can breath, you can do yoga”

... and I know this to be true, first hand.


I used to practise yoga with my Mum before she became ill with early-onset dementia in her early 50s.


Witnessing her transition from an active, independent person to someone confined to a nursing home was a poignant experience.


I witnessed yoga evolve from a physical practise, to chair-based, to guided meditation, and finally to just listening mindfully to peaceful music.


Finding Peace, No Matter What


Whilst this was painful, it was also eye-opening, as I witnessed the true therapeutic essence of yoga – detachment from the physical body to turn attention to the soul, to seek inner peace, calm and gratitude.


Mum remains grateful to this day - grateful for her nursing care, her family, and the life she led full of laughter and love.


Vibes: More Than Yoga

Vibes exists because of this journey – a place dedicated to finding inner peace, regardless of life's challenges. It's about connecting with your soul, finding joy in fleeting moments, and making the most of each day. This, to us, is the essence of yoga.


Here at Vibes, your yoga experience is so much more about how you feel, rather than how you look. While yoga undoubtedly benefits physical health, we embrace a holistic approach – mind, body, and soul, all connected.

We encourage you to notice what is going on in inside - feelings, thoughts, behaviours - and support you to transform these through your practise. It really all starts on the mat, and can impact everything off the mat; yoga can truly change your life.


Time to Chill 

In our high-pressure modern world, we’re all about helping to lighten the load, providing you with the quality time that’s SO important for your overall health and happiness – you'll rest, relax, recharge, and feel nurtured and nourished, feeling great in both mind and body.

A supportive vibe


Our attentive teachers and small classes mean we’re always able to chat, advise, and support you on your yoga journey, plus we also offer personalised 1-2-1 sessions.


Vibes isn't just a yoga place; it's a community, and this is at the heart of everything we do; your thoughts and feelings genuinely matter to us. We're here to provide the yoga you want, so reach out anytime – we love feedback, questions, and chats. We exist to guide you on your yoga journey, and your journey through life...


Namaste, and see you soon!


Jen & the Vibes crew


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