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Deep Serenity Sound Bath: 7th Jan

Service Description

'Deep Serenity Sound Bath' 🗓 Date: Sun 7th Jan ⏰ Time: 2 - 4pm 💰 Price: £34 Immerse yourself in this transformative Deep Serenity Sound Bath - a blissful candlelit retreat to begin the new year with the healing power of sound. Step away from the demands of daily life in our candlelit yoga studio, where a 2-hour journey of harmony awaits, guided by Katie, our experienced pracitioner. 🧠 YOGA NIDRA: Experience tranquility with the soothing practice of Yoga Nidra, guiding you into a serene state between wakefulness and sleep, a place of deep relaxation. 🎶 SOUND BATH: Discover therapeutic sound healing with gongs, Tibetan bowls, and kochi chimes in this immersive sound 'bath' that washes away stress, revitalising body and mind. 🔮 REIKI: Gentle hand movements above the body ease the flow of life energy, bringing peace and promoting healing. Benefits of our Deep Serenity Sound Bath: ⭐️ Rebalance your body ⭐️ Improve your sleep ⭐️ Boost your immune system ⭐️ Invite happiness by clearing blocked energy ⭐️ Enhance mental clarity and focus ⭐️ Experience deep peace Secure your spot now for a transformative Sunday escape: simply hit ‘book now’ and scroll to 7th Jan to find the event. Your Deep Serenity Sound Bath awaits – a key to unlocking tranquility and revitalising your inner harmony. Don't miss out on this enriching experience!

  • 34 British pounds
  • Vibes, Harrowby Street

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