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Pop-up: Full Moon Ceremony 5th Feb

Service Description

Join us for our first very special pop up event! Sunday 5th Feb 5-7pm Our Full Moon Ceremony is a powerful practise, exploring guided meditation and introspective practises coupled with a healing superfood latte, delicious plant-based treat, and a wellbeing gift bag to take away. Why practise a full moon ceremony? There is undeniably a natural rhythm to the universe, whether it’s the seasons or the phases of the Moon and when align our energies and tune into the natural world we can feel more inspired and productive, being gifted a renewed sense of perspective and understanding ourselves on a deeper level. The luminescent full moon reflects what is most alive in the deep stillness that surrounds this time, and so the ceremony is a healing ritual, designed to conjure soothing, refreshing, and purposeful energy to help you disconnect from the business of life, let go of negativity, reconnect with nature, and to venture forth with renewed intention. Join us for an evening of guided meditation, card readings, energy cleansing, and journaling to as we pay homage to this ancient, spiritual, and special practise and seek to feel our best selves…

  • 28 British pounds
  • Vibes, Harrowby Street

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