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Shake it & Shavasana Ceremony: Fri 29/09

Service Description

Join us Friday 29th Sept 6 - 8:30pm 'Shake it & Shavasana' is an opportunity for you have fun shaking & dancing away any old and stagnant energy followed by the world’s most blissful Shavasana…it really is that simple! - learn how to 'shake away' negative emotions & energies to fun tribal beats - drink heart-opening cacao, an uplifting ritual from the ancient Mayan civilisation - enjoy an extended shavasana, with guided meditation and deep relaxation - enjoy yummy treats and chats 'Shaking' is the kind of movement that offers incredible therapy for both mind and body, in our busy modern world - free of rules, free of expectations, free of judgement. Our lives are extraordinarily routine driven. Even if you think you’re a ‘go with the flow’ type of person, we live in a society that prioritises planning. Our workdays are meticulously planned, our workouts follow a programme or are guided by a teacher at the front of the class, and even our social lives lack spontaneity, our calendars and diaries often filled up weeks – if not months – in advance. Well, Shake it Shavasana may just be the antidote to our well-planned world! Mel @mellilameiyoga will lead you through free movement and ‘dancing’ in a fun, safe and welcoming environment, where you can liberate your soul and shake away anything holding you back, as well as sharing a Cacao drink, to open the heart and boost your mood. You’ll learn to release negative emotions and walk away feeling light, fresh, free, and on a natural, feel good high. Whilst relieving yourself of rules may sound terrifying, it’s actually hugely beneficial. Moving freely releases that ‘stuck’ energy or trauma in the mind and body that we may be holding onto for no real reason. Super cleansing, it activates the lymphatic system, releases endorphins into the brain, and removes arbitrary barriers from our lives, enabling us to live as our best selves. You don’t need any experience in dancing or moving, and you certainly don’t need to feel nervous or shy, it’s completely fun, laid-back and down-to-earth, and is just a chance to laugh at the world and feel genuinely free. Come along and have a go, all you need is an open heart and an open mind and the rest will follow ♥️ Friday 29th Sept 6:30 – 8pm Includes Cacao and sweet snacks! To book simply hit ‘book now’ and scroll to 29th Sept to find the event 🧡

  • 24 British pounds
  • Vibes, Harrowby Street

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