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Finding Sunshine Within: Yoga to Brighten Your January Days!

After the festive season has faded, we find ourselves faced with navigating January, and under these characteristically grey skies, everything can feel a little dull and like it’s wearing us down.


It's a time when many of us might feel low on energy and enthusiasm, longing for brighter days.


But what if we could find a little sunshine from within?


Yoga is the perfect antidote to a lacklustre January! So much more than flexibility and strength, yoga has the power to bring warmth and light, even to the dreariest days.


Scientific studies have shown that regular yoga can significantly improve mental health, and is a sure-fire way to find inner warmth and comfort.

Here are 5 ways for yoga to warm you up this winter!

1) Mindful Moments

Yoga doesn’t have to be intense – just gentle stretches and mindful breathing can lift your spirits. Simple, grounding postures, such as Mountain Pose and Child’s Pose, are fantastic this time of year - not only are they physically beneficial but they’re also mentally therapeutic. We find warmth in our breath and in our heart when we find stillness and reconnect with these gentle but effective postures.

2) Breathing Towards Brightness

Incorporating simple breathing exercises into your daily routine is a great hack for boosting your mood. Next time you are feeling a slump in energy, try ‘box-breathing’: inhale for 4 seconds, pause for 4, exhale for 4, pause for 4, and repeat anywhere between 4 and 10 times. Pranayama, or yogic breathing, is a powerful tool to boost energy levels, bringing clarity to the mind, illuminating even the dreariest days.

3) Make Yoga Yummy & Cosy

Embrace the winter vibe – sessions on our Timetable such as:

  • 7pm Tuesday Evening Unwind

  • 9am Sunday Sanctuary: Yoga & Relaxation

  • 6:30pm Sunday Yin Yoga

will help to align your energy to that of the season. Using low lighting, candles and soothing music, we connect to that gorgeous slow-paced stillness of winter, helping you to feel balanced, grounded, and calm, aligned with the natural world.

4) The Power of People

Yoga extends beyond the mat, it's about connection too. Joining a class, seeing friendly faces, and just being in a space where people are being authentic and supportive can really uplift the spirits this time of year, when it’s easy to sometimes find yourself feeling a little isolated and lonely at times.

5) Warmth Within

Never underestimate the power of turning inward, the principle that underpins the whole of yoga: it is the journey to the self, to find alignment with our true nature. Actions like focussing the mind on the present, taking a moment of gratitude, or simply just slowing down enough to notice how you are feeling – these remind us of our soul, our inner warmth, encouraging us to feel nurtured and whole.

As you navigate the new year, remember that yoga offers more than physical benefits - it's a path to finding warmth and comfort within.


Join us on the mat this month, embracing each pose, breath, and moment of mindfulness together.


Reach out for any questions, tips, or just to chat. Let's brighten this winter together, one breath, one pose, one day at a time.

Namaste peeps – see you on the mat!

A sneaky treat for you: use the code WARMTH for 10% off any class (not valid on workshops or events).


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